Awesome Jae, I am so proud of him!


Kim Jaejoong is showing a marvelous growth as an actor.

Kim Jaejoong plays Kim Kyungtak in MBC’s weekend drama ‘Dr.Jin’. Although it’s his first challenge in a period drama, he’s fully immersing into the character with his stable acting.

Kim Jaejoong’s acting skills, which have been appraised as “better than expected” in the meantime, exploded in episode 15.

In episode 15 of ‘Dr.Jin’, Kim Kyungtak was refused by Hong Youngrae whom he has loved for a long time. And then he was forsaken by his father Kim Byunghee because he has “dishonored the family with the marriage incident.” Consequently, Kim Kyungtak pointed a sword at his beloved Hong Youngrae and leveled a gun at Kim Byunghee (T/N: I think the reporter made mistake here. He pointed a gun at Lee Haeung, not his father).

He got hurt and was continuously placed in chaotic situations. The process of resolving the conflicted…

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