120711 SM’s lawyers applied for arbitration on July 11

Reposting what I commented on JYJ3.

The court MUST reject it!
There is no reason for JYJ to accept it, and neither should the court find any reason to play by SM’s dirty tricks.
It’s been 3 years.
Enough is enough!

And, can’t help but put in my opinion on the OT5 discussion.
Being an ex-OT5 myself, I fully understand why OT5 feel an attachment to all 5 of the TVXQ members coz I’ve supported them since they debuted and I do love my TV5XQ.
But I’ll also tell you why I’ve decided to stand by JYJ, read on if you’re interested.

I think what current OT5 need to understand is that most JYJ fans do not begrudge the fact that Homin chose to stay at SM. (I am such, and as far as possible, those JYJers I spoke to think the same.)
Ultimately, it’s their own lives and own careers. No one, not even their family, has the right to decide for them.
And if anything, they probably weigh the pros and cons of leaving and staying.
We have to be honest in saying that, unlike the 3 members who left, the 2 may not be able to survive without a huge company backing.

Regardless of the reasons why they decide to stay, the one thing that pushed many fans to side with JYJ and ultimately ignore HM apart from the dirty things SM did to JYJ, is what HM have done, or better still, what HM have not done.

I believe the ‘infamous’ interview of HM need not be repeated coz we all know what they said there.
And the fact that they have never once express anything remotely ‘favorable’ towards their 3 members who have been almost condemned by the Korean entertainment industry, despite various olive leaves, even trees being stretched by JYJ to them.
So obviously, JYJ fans are not gonna think positively towards HM.

And I’ve always believe in this quote;
“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
By continuing to support SM products and giving them money, we’re simply providing the ammunition for them to shoot JYJ with.
What’s the message being sent?
“Oh, we’ll buy your products and give you money while you can just continue to suppress JYJ.” ???

Maybe OT5 take HM and SM as different entities but the fact is, HM is IN SM. Their fates are intertwined regardless of whether you want to admit or not.

So no, no way am I gonna give even one single cent to SM and yes, I hope and pray for the worse for them EVERY SINGLE TIME POSSIBLE.


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