Summary of what happened…

So there was this group of 3, amazingly talented, handsome and all.
When they are together, they are simply unbeatable but individually each blossom in their very own ways.
Almost anything they touch turns into gold, items ran out of stock faster than I can type the word “WOW!”
Obviously, companies are eyeing their immense selling power. Not 1 of them, not 2 of them, but all 3 of them.
Be it together or individually, getting them to endorse products are a sure win.
Hence, everyday, there will be enquires from companies wanting them on their CFs.
But, due to various reasons, 2 of them have not decided to take up any. Perhaps due to work, personal or others.
1 of them instead have been doing it and so very successfully.
So 1 day, one of the other members probably saw something interesting, and decided to take up a CF offer. The one that has been taking them, on the other hand decided to rest for a while after a well received drama filming and a number of CFs. Bearing in mind that he seriously need a rest after that accident too.

Low and behold, even before the plans are in place, rumors started.
Some how or rather, fans of the one who decided to rest came to hear about this news.
Regarding how and from whom the news was spread, there is a version of that but that’s not the main point now.
But those fans, upon hearing that, went mad. They were pissed that their bias are not taking up anymore CFs for now. 8 different of bias sites of that member went straight to the agency company and demanded an answer.
How and by what means they are able to do so when the other fans failed having tried ways and means to contact someone in that company is something to ponder.
By then, those fans started spreading bad rumors about that member who has decided to take up a CF but has not even gone down to even film it.
What are some if the disgusting things being says?
1) Member A got the CF coz member B rejected it. So member A is inferior and taking left overs.
2) Member A INSTRUCTED their agency not to allow member B to take up more CFs coz he’s jealous.
3) Member A is trying to block member B from becoming more popular than him.
4) Member B have been working so hard to earn the money and member A & C are just sitting there earning money. (Apparently, those fans think all earnings are equally divided)
5) and others
While all these degrading remarks are thrown everywhere amongst those fans to their fan sites in various languages, member A fans got to hear and read about it.
Obviously, it shocked them and they are unhappy about it.
With all the evidence they managed to get from those member B fans sites, they demanded the agency for a reply to clear member A’s name and an apology from the rumor spreaders.
Meanwhile, those fans of member B gotten a reply from the agency itself.
The agency confirmed with them that they will not let situation like this happen again, meaning they will not reject any offers of CFs for member B.
The agency also told them, they will take a strong stand against people targeting member B. (I don’t know why they will come to the conclusion that member B was attack in the first place but yeah, that was what was promised)
And yet nothing was heard about regarding member A fans’ request.
Till this day, the agency did not come back with anything at all to member A fans or even bother to clarify the nasty rumors that are spreading in the net potentially damaging to one of their “important” artist.
Double standards much?

Thought this whole incident, not once did member A fan spread any rumors about member B, while member B fans have been targeting member A.
What member A fans have been doing is only trying to protect their bias and clearing his names but people who don’t know the situation or don’t bother knowing the whole situation is putting the blame on them for “making this whole thing big!”
So the victim and his protectors have become the accused and the rumor spreaders have become the victims. How ironic!

p/s: strangely enough, how the events unfolded is actually taken directly from a member B fan site. Everything were actual words being screen-cap from that site. They were the ones saying that the agency did get back to them.

So Believe what you may.
But if you call yourself a fan who support all 3, show that you are one. Sweeping the truth under the carpet is not going to deny the fact that these are happening.

–> Last I heard someone’s manager confirm to a member A site that member A is totally not involved in this whole scandal.
That’s all. No actions done after all the vicious rumors were spread by those idiots! None whatsoever!


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